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SwapMe by Faciometrics

SwapMe was the first photorealistic and 100% automatic face swapping application that was capable of preserving the face expression.

It used the state of the art image processing to adapt the light in the target face to blend photorealistically the source face

This app was also used as a showcase of the capabilities of the FacioMetrics technology.

I was in charge of:

  • Low and high fidelity wireframing app design.
  • Designed all assets for the app.
  • Code of app interaction and logic.
  • User test of the app. Tested different types of interaction to select the face to change and the target face
  • Created an algorithm capable of estimating if two faces would be swapped realistically or not to improve user's experience.
  • This app used 3rd party libraries like: GUIImage, DBCamera and OpenCV.

Due to Facebook acquisition, the app is currrently unavailable