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Ecoblue Analytics Logo

The client wanted to update their current logo. The company add sensors to the water to analyze in realtime the quality and different information about it.

After some discussions, there were two requirements:

  • Separation between eco and blue.
  • Provide information about relation of the company with water.

I was in charge of:

  • Full design of the logo.

First iteration

Used the shape of a water drop to integrate the "e" from ecoblue as part of the logo.

Second iteration

Moved the water drop shape from the "e" to "o" as a test.

Third iteration

Decided to keep the water drop on the "e". Also, selected full logo colors and different destributions.

Final iteration

After some discussions, it was decided to remove the "e" from the water drop. Also added the desire of:

  • Give reference to a sensor.
  • Provide higher importance to the word Analytics.